How can our existing infrastructure handle 250,000 more units without a proper transportation system?

Posted on , by Mina Diakanastasis
Just the other day, I took a taxi. While we were slowly inching forward in the designated taxi lane, the driver was very vocal about who he is going to vote for! He complained that when traffic is slow, he actually loses money and his customers are unhappy. He pointed to all the cranes in the sky...

Are we expecting too much from our concierge?

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Concierge-security-guard-doorman-custodian- mailman-superintendent-manager-cleaner-first aid responder-mechanic-information provider-snow shoveler-psychiatrist-social worker-baby-sitter-handle moving, booking party room and guest suite, etc.

These are some of the functions the person at the "Desk"...

Fall is the time to think of winter

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Despite the wonderful weather we are having we must prepare for winter.

1. Make sure you have set a date for switching on the heat. I like to do it right after Thanksgiving as the weather stays nice and warm until then and preparing for the big meal heats up the apartments. Ask your super to...

New Kindle Website

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Today I am excited to release our new website and brand into the wild. For the last few months we have been working hard to pull this all together. As well as a totally new brand, which he’ll share more about soon, we’ve completely rethought the structure of the site to make things easier to use.