Are we expecting too much from our concierge?

Concierge-security-guard-doorman-custodian- mailman-superintendent-manager-cleaner-first aid responder-mechanic-information provider-snow shoveler-psychiatrist-social worker-baby-sitter-handle moving, booking party room and guest suite, etc.

These are some of the functions the person at the “Desk” must perform as per their company’s Standing Orders. This person must undergo a criminal check in order to be licensed, has to be professional looking, must be polite, speak, read and write English and has to carry out his/her job with knowledge, confidence and authority. And all this while eating their meal and spending their break at the Desk!

The guards’ pay does not reflect the compensation such a high-responsibility multi-tasking job would demand and, in many cases, it is hovering just above minimum wage. Are we reasonable to expect this much?

The security guard business is extremely competitive, contracts are changed for a few dollars difference, and it is easy, as the industry has 30-90 day no cause cancellation notice. Fortunately Bill 7 provides job security for the guards and some sites and security companies are unionized.