Fall is the time to think of winter

Despite the wonderful weather we are having we must prepare for winter.

1. Make sure you have set a date for switching on the heat. I like to do it right after Thanksgiving as the weather stays nice and warm until then and preparing for the big meal heats up the apartments. Ask your super to turn off the AC 2-3 days before the date the heat is scheduled to be turned on. Don’t forget to post notices advising the residents.

1. a. As most buildings replace the filters in the fan-coil units or heat-pumps, as part of the regular maintenance, arrange for a date with the contractor and advise the unit owners when the service is going to be carried out.

1.b. Advise your superintendent to turn on the area heaters in the vestibules and overhangs.

1.c. After the chiller is turned off, make sure that the HVAC contractor winterizes it.

2. Remind the superintendent to drain the drum drips on the garage dry sprinkler system. This has to be done monthly during the winter to ensure that, the condensation that forms, is drained and does not freeze to burst the pipe.

3. There is no need to water the lawns anymore. Have your superintendent turn off the sprinkler system. Contact your lawn sprinkler company to winterize the sprinkler system. They have to blow the sprinkler lines before the ground freezes to protect .

4. Your landscaper will rake up the leaves and apply fall fertilizer; it is in their contract. If you have plantings that are not hardy and may not survive the winter, or are located near a walkway or driveway where salt will be applied, ask your landscaper to wrap them in burlap and protect them from the salt. This is a good time to think about replacing bushes and trees as planting them in the fall will give them a head-start for next year.

5. Talk to your landscaper to provide fall and winter arrangements for your planters.

6. Winterize the whirlpool and the pool.

7. Put away the patio furniture

8. Order extra salt to have handy for the superintendent and the guards they can spread if black ice forms on walkways.

9. Check if you have a snow shovel for the superintendent or guard should they need it for emergency.

10. Around mid November, place your winter mats in the building.

Now you are ready for the winter.